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Vin Gogh's Very Own Modern Artists

Shea Stiles

Shea Stiles has been a part of the ‘Paint and Sip’ world since Vin Gogh’s doors opened in 2014. For Shea, it was love at first sight. She started as an instructor, and shortly after she couldn’t put her paintbrush down. Her passion for creating art was a talent passed down from her parents. Her mom was an artist, and her dad had a great eye for design. Shea’s love for art inspired her to design and paint some of the paintings you can try in our painting gallery!

Today Shea is the owner of Vin Gogh. She is a leader in Calgary's community and is always seeking new ways to allow others to find their inner artist. She loves sharing the painting experience with her customers because it creates a fun and relaxing environment. The energy is contagious, and she finds it so inspiring to see customers pick up a paintbrush with a big smile on! She is passionate about providing a professional event that allows friends, co-workers and families to connect through art, fun and wine.  Painting and Pinot - who can resist?!

You can see her work at Shea Stiles Visual Artist.


Debi Baldwin

Debi Baldwin

Debi Baldwin is a local artist involved in arts and crafts from a very young age. Always looking for new challenges, she has taken several courses and studied with many artists developing her skills in a variety of art forms that inspire her. For over twenty years Debi has taught classes to elementary students and adults through Continuing Education and Red Deer College. Presently she teaches art classes at Rundle College Elementary School and Tuscany Community Centre. A jack of all trades and master of none, Debi continues to explore new techniques on a daily basis. Through teaching, Debi hopes students will develop her passion for art.

Yvonne is the Studio Manger of Vin Gogh. Born and raised in Calgary, Yvonne completed a bar tending course with Fine Arts Bar Tending. Yvonne is well traveled and had visited three different continents and over 12 countries before the age of 15. She is experienced in many different industries, from retail and food service to kids entertainment. Yvonne makes every guest at Vin Gogh feel special and so comfortable.

Suzanne Presinal has the best time teaching at Vin Gogh and Go-Go events. She finds the wonder in every piece that's painted and that's because Suzanne has an artist lens on at all times. If Suzanne isn't working in one of her creative spaces, she has her eyes looking for her next inspiration. A keen eye for found objects, and discarded objects, she has seen beauty in the cast away objects for many years. Not only does she instruct Vin Gogh events, she takes the instructor paintings and makes things with them. Sling bags, wine bags, gift bags, book marks, are just a few items she has  designed from these beautiful items.  

Ammara Cokar

Ammara Cokar

Ammara Cokar  is a mixed media artist who has a passion for combining various forms of arts and crafts to create pieces for family, friends, and local markets. She is primarily a self-taught artist but takes classes and experiments continuously in order to develop her skills and to keep the creative juices flowing. Her art is inspired by different places and cultures encountered throughout her travels and experiences in life. Ammara continuously explores new techniques to add to her repertoire and loves teaching them to others who enjoy expanding their horizons. She has been teaching art through continuing education at different studios and giving private lessons to both children and adults for the past few years. She believes art is for everyone a great way to escape the daily grind and make life just a little bit more colorful. 

You can see more of her work here.

Rebecca Kimber

Rebecca Kimber graduated from ACAD with a major in drawing. If she could have chosen a minor, it would have been painting. When Rebecca is not painting at Vin Gogh she is juggling her other various creative jobs. Teaching drawing to children and painting with seniors are some of her favourites. Rebecca enjoys helping friends and family with their own creative ventures and makes as many punny jokes along the way as she can.

You can see more of her work here.


Tayyaba Walayat is a charismatic visual artist and educator with a passion for mixed media. Tayyaba's distinctive style is particularly notable for her use of graphite techniques, as well as for the use of several medias in order to experiment with different creative approaches. Having been an artist since childhood, Tayyaba is always keen on working with an open mind finding ways to express her unique vision in any given scenario, particularly aiming to connect with people and inspire them through her beautiful work. When not busy creating her own pieces, Tayyaba also gives painting lessons and teaches art classes.


Meet Vin Gogh's very own food and wine experts

pacific-wine-spiritsTiffany Corrie holds the title of Alberta Sales, Social Marketing & Brand Communications with Pacific Wine & Spirits and is proud to be part of this incredible wine family. Tiffany became interested in wine 8 years ago when she signed up for a wine appreciation course out of general interest. After that, Tiffany was hooked! She went from knowing almost nothing about wine to wanting to know everything about wine. This lead her to earning her Level Three certificate from the Wine & Spirits Education Trust and the title of Sommelier. Tiffany has a great passion for wine and the wine industry. She loves the dynamics of the industry, the ability to learn something new every single day, and most of all, sharing her excitement for wine with everyone she encounters!