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From girls night out to a business with heart…

We have been friends for over 20 years and always dreamed of building something together.

VIPReceptionWe envisioned a ‘clubhouse’ that would be built on heart and serve to uplift individuals and the community as a whole. 

The minute we saw the ‘paint and sip’ idea, we knew we had found the business that would provide our clubhouse; a space offering a fun spin on self care; a place for creativity, connection and joy and it could be profitable. It was perfect!

Prior to founding Vin Gogh with Brenda, Loretta was in the business of OMMMMMM, owning a successful yoga studio in West Springs.  Loretta is an entrepreneur and mother. She is known for her warm and nurturing spirit and inspiring nature. Loretta volunteers for various charities including her sons’ sports organizations. Loretta loves a good book especially on anything on following your heart.

Prior to throwing her paint brush in with Loretta, Brenda was a Marketing Manager at a large oil & gas service company as part of the team responsible for a $20 million rebrand.  Brenda is an entrepreneur and coach.  She has worked with many small businesses as a marketing consultant.  She is known for her kick-ass authenticity and huge heart. Brenda serves on the boards of several charities and can be found reading the latest, hippest business ‘with heart’ book.

We believe that people do business with people they know, like and trust.   We want you to know, like and trust us so here are a few things about us to help you to get to know us better.  We look forward to getting to know you better too!

We love wine.girls night out in Calgary

We love to read.

We love girls night out.

We cry at sad movies and laugh out loud at funny ones.

We are committed to self-care and personal growth.

We want to make a difference in the world.

We trust our intuition.

We are risk takers.

We believe in giving first.

We believe in abundance.

We don’t believe in competition.

We practice gratitude.

We choose work we love.

We love to dance.

We love a good ‘road trip’.

We love business (especially small business).

We want to create a legacy.

We believe in random acts of kindness.

We love inspirational quotes.

We are passionate and enthusiastic.

We want to know the world is a better place because we are in it.

Our vision is to impact lives daily in a creative, caring and positive way.  Our goal is to provide a fun, safe space for people to connect, create and contribute.

For us, Vin Gogh is as much about the ‘heart’ as it is about the ‘art’.